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Please note, there are buttons on the upper right corner!!!!

Numbers: Please look below for a close description of each area.

Borders: The exact borders of all areas.

Miasma: Currently covered with miasma from the rifts.


:bulletyellow: Caelius: 34

:bulletgreen: Earthra: 39

:bulletblue: Ares: 29

:bulletred: The Order 6

Unknown Land/Rifts:
After the battle against Lalun and Procne, the rifts all over the world (Except of the rift in Erca) were covered with weird spike like stones. Giant parts of the Inner Sea are covered at the moment...

Sun / Moon Prison: The areas that originally were locked away into the sun and the moon. For the first territories, please look here!

The descriptions below are giving you a rough description of the over-all looks of an area. You are free to come up with smaller villages, towns, forests, ... in your RPs. Only the biggest or important cities are mentioned in the descriptions.

1 – Virva Archipelago: These islands float high above the ocean ever since Caelius and Ares were freed from the moon and sun prisons. Unless riding a sky ship or having wings, the island is impossible to reach.

2 - Ashitari: Every summer, most of the region's ice melts, forming countless streams and rivers.

3 - Mohara: Rivers flowing from Ashitari into Mohara make this region rich on vegetation.

4 - Yaok: Most inhabitants earn their money with griffon-training and -breeding.

5 - Ciella: Slowly lifting toward Viriva the ground here is highly instable, rising above the sea.

6 - Aiolos: The winds in this region are very strong making it difficult to fly, thus barely any winged Caelians inhabit this region.

7 - Graston-Mountains: A very rich mountain-range on the edge of the ocean. Graston, a fortress-town is located here. Many types of metal ores are gained in the mines behind the fortress.

8 - Si'Orphin Valley: A deep crevice covered with lush grass which is home to all manner of wildlife. It has no specific climate, ranging from the warm summers to a cool winter over the course of a year.

:bulletyellow: 9 - Ziaray: Capital of Caelius and the place where Helia's temple is located. The floating city is the crown-jewel of Caelius' sovereign territory. Built on sacred rocks that fly high above the ground, the richer areas of Ziaray as well as the different temples such as the judgment palace of Helia's temple it is mainly a place for winged people. However the parts of Ziaray that are built below offer many airships, pegasi or dragon-rides to reach the higher parts of the city. The city is under a god's protection → It can't be taken over.

10 - Castitatis: Together with Linhar, Castitatis is the main-location for temples of all kind in Caelius. The church's council is located here.

11 - Minosha: A beautiful area, known for its cherry-trees. Festivals are held in spring here to celebrate the cherry-blossom.

12 - Tahir: Known for it's beautiful scenery, Tahir is also called the land of bridges, as many of them are built all over the river-area and lakes.

13 - Soara: Also known as Mushroom-Forest. Mushrooms in all colors and hights cover the region's soil. Healers and assassins collect them for their potions and poison.

14 - Daire: Due to this region being located at the border of Earthra and Caelius, many battles have been fought here, leaving many villages and towns destroyed.

15 - Sazae-Forest: Many small forests cover this region, giving home to mythical light creatures that were believed to be extinct on Zion...

16 - Amoena-woods: Meaning 'dolce', these woods are home to many spirits. They are said to dance in the air in the form of little fireflies all day long.

17 - Benigna: Probably the richest farmland on all of Zion. The climate and fertile soil enable Caelius to plant crops all year long in this area.

18 + 19- Nadim-Huan: The two capital cities of these regions have always been located close to each others borders. As the population grew, so did the capitals. By now there is no way of telling which part of the grown-together cities belongs to which region, thus Nadim and Huan are often considered as one region by now.

20 - Eruil: Long before the Age of Peace or the War of the Gods, the temple and castle of the gods was located here. Nowadays only the ruins remain of the glory from a long lost past.

21 - Kanon Mountain: The whole island consists of only one giant mountain. Its freezing cold top reaches high above the clouds.

22 - Linhar: A peace-loving area with a lot of temples and cathedrals. The most giant cathedral of all Zion is standing here.

23 - Lakuna Desert: A desert made of white, crystal like sand. The light here is very intense as the small sand-crystals save the sunbeams within them and glow even during nighttime. A nightmare for every darkness-creature...

24 - Taccor: This region is almost unbearably hot during summer, thus most people visit Taccor during winter to enjoy a vacation under palm-trees.

25 – Samahari: A giant wide plane with dry climate and beautiful desert-flowers.

26 - Bashtet-Savanna: The landscape of this savanna is mainly flat. Giant herds of different animals travel the region as well as caravans.

27 - Ebony-Shore: The ethereal cliffs are home to the ancient light-elves of Caelius, their marble arcs and gazebos.

28 – Gahet Cliff: The cliffs are home to proud winged riding-animals such as griffons and pegasi which are characteristic for Caelius.

29 – Brixon: A giant harbor-town which has its own government. Before the return of Ares and Caelius, it was an island so even away from the shores, the people live on ships and boats on dry ground.

30 - Korahe: The islands are well known for its beautiful coral reefs and sunken ships.

31 - De'Arealm: Due to this region being neutral, many different cultures mix on this island. The huge variety of architecture and species became the muse of many artists and musicians.

32 - Ketuah: The region's soil is very barren but a lot of crystal-mines are located here. Most inhabitants earn their living as jewlers or mine-workers.

33 - Vinoss Island: Many scholars from all over Zion meet in this region to do research together. Many universities and schools were built here during the Age of Peace.

34 - Allayn: Earthra's richest mining-region. The best smiths of the faction forge the military's weapons here.

35 - Feller-Road: A very important trading-route. But lots of bandits live here, taking advantage of the merchants.

36 - Erca: The plants in this region can be used to make high quality dyes. It is tradition to wear extra-ordinary and colorful attire here. Contains a rift.

37 – Necar-Canyon: The river in this area slowly sank into the ground, leaving giant rocky cliffs behind.

38 - Berge: A giant mountain-range, hiding many secret valleys and caves.

39 - Tsutani-Forest: An exotic forest next to Lemonia with an incredible amount of animals and plants.

40 - Lemonia: A small land filled with meadows. As far as the eye can see it is filled with fruit trees, however, all the fruit here is extremely sour.

41 - Guava: The rainforest is located right next to the historically important Xiolani Archipelago and thus is often fought upon by the factions.

:bulletwhite: 42 – Xiolani Archipelago: This region is neutral and thus free for any of the three opposing fractions to enter. Due to its central location in Zion, many diplomatic treaties -including the Pact of the Gods- are being discussed here. Fighting on these grounds is strictly forbidden. The Temple of Chronicles is located here.

43 - Toscha: The lively harbor-towns all over the shore gain their money mainly by selling souvenirs or rides to the Xiolani Archipelago.

44 - Titania: The forest of elves is known for its many miracles and beautiful springs, clearings or hidden realms. Many small villages can be discovered between the thick trees.

45 - Wind-cliff: The wind that blows between these rocky walls is so strong that it easily lifts people and beasts off the ground. Some people even jump down the cliffs without wings or parachutes as trial of courage.

46 - Vordo-Forest: Also called the 'forest of shamans'. Shamans, enchanters, nature-mages,... The Order of Nature resides between the thick woods.

47 – Amahara Gardens: All kinds of flowers and plants grow in this region due to the very fertile soil. Plant spirits inhabit this region making sure the beauty of the gardens remains.

:bulletgreen: 48 - Fahlenwood: Capital of Earthra and the place where Ivalina's realm is located. The forest city of Fahlenwood attracts many with its beauty: Tall trees rising from the green ground, growing around a giant tree in the center. under exactly this giant tree, Ivalina's realm is placed and offers protection to those in need. The city is under a god's protection → It can't be taken over.

49 - Senbar: There are only few towns and inhabitants in this region. Thus the plants here sprawl, building thich thorn-forests.

50 - Sa-Ahn: The wildest area of Earthra. Deep and thick forests sprawl over the surrounding mountains and valleys, giving home to different hidden tribes and giant animals.

51 – Yami-Rio: Many rivers flow through this region. Due to the warm and humid climate beautiful meadows cover the whole area.

52 – Rameseah: A lot of rivers flowing though Yami-Rio end in Rameseahn lakes. Most of the towns of the region are either built around those lakes or along the shore.

53 – Nanami Island: It’s a volcanic island. The volcano has been inactive for a very long time by now but there are still many hot springs in the area.

54 - Deta-Forest: The rainforest is known for its amazing amount of tropical plants and fish. Most of the ground is covered by water so all villages here are built on poles.

55 - Dunya Swamps: During rainy days the whole area is flooded, on sunny days the earth remains wet and easy to sink in. A horror for all travelers.

56 – Anahita Lake: The lake is located in the middle of Earthra. Many water creatures live there. The rivers floating into the Anahita Sea are important transport routes for both the Earthran army and merchants.

57 - Poyon Cliff: A beautiful cliff by the sea. Large tides break on the shore, giving perfect conditions for fishermen to earn their living.

58 - Hexar: Often called the shifting rocks. The tectonic plates that clash here cause constant earthquakes. Strong ones are rare but the earth shakes a few dozen times daily.

59 - Aera Loche: A lake in the sky which homes giant lilypads. Its climate is often warm and there are spring rains each day which keep the sparkling lake overflowing.

60 – Tangaroa Grounds: The soil in this region is barren ever since the War of the Gods. Only once a year, on the festival celebrating the survival of Zion throughout the first phase of the war, the goddess Ivalina uses her power in order to make plants sprout there for one day.

61- Merka Fields: The biggest city of Zion, Merka, -even bigger than Fahlenwood, Necropolis or Ziaray- is located here.

62 - Harehf: Giving home to ancient creatures, dinosaurs included, the valleys and woods are a dangerous place for inexperienced travelers.

63 - Teiv Flats: This salt-lake is very flat and barely above the sea-level. During each flood, the whole area is covered with water, turning into Zion's largest mirror.

64 – Nerran: The region is well known for the masks the craftsmen here create. Once a year they celebrate the banishment of Caelius and Ares by wearing those masks and costumes, dancing around a giant fire, … The festival takes place even after the Great Eclipse.

65 - Kauca: During the Age of Peace Kauca was the first region of Zion with an elected government. Ever since it remained neutral, refusing to take part in any way in the current war.

66 - Tetyth Sea: Underwater animal-hybrids, mermen and sirens built huge and beautiful cities on the ground. Creatures of the land need the help of the magicians of Levea to breath under water.

67- Taella Plains: These flats are home to many nomad tribes.

68 - Nago: The driest desert of Zion. Life seems to be about impossible in this hot hell, yet creatures such as sand-dragons call this territory their home.

69 - Ninnay: The outskirts of Nago Desert. The twons' people sell sandfliers to travel through the area.

70 - Gigaz: A rare mineral in the ground makes the plants and insects grow giant. Travelers visiting this place sometimes believe they shrunk...

71 - Breva-Plane: Home to all kind of nomads and tribes who hunt the giant herds of bison and horses, the Breva-Planes seem endless. Often people who are inexperienced in traveling get lost here...

72 - Levea: The order of Water-Magicians is located here in a giant university, specialized on the aqua-element. They sell runes, spells and accessories to help travelers travel to the underwater cities of Tetyth Sea.

73 - Gelol Canyon: Once a river abundant with life, Gelol canyon is now a graveyard for the creatures who once lived in the waters. There are many rare fossils engraved in the rocks of this canyon which makes it a good place for mining as they can fetch a fair amount of gold from archaeologists.

74 – Ilau-Coast: The once beautiful coast is now a collection of ruins. Since Ares' return, the harbor-towns are under constant attack of the arean fleet.

75 - Kauhl: Most inhabitants gain their money with stealing dragon-eggs from Dragon-Hallow to sell them to breeders, but the area is also a very important link between Ares' and Earthra's mainland.

76 - Mermaid-Islands: The riffs all around the islands are some of the most beautiful of Zion. Mermaids and all other kind of water-creatures live between the corals and sunken ships.

77 - Dragon-Hallow: A collection of cliffs and woods that give perfect conditions for dragons to breed. It connects Ares' and Earthra's mainland.

78 - The Silent Isle: Covered by thick fog, the Silent Isle is one of the most dangerous places in all of Zion. Shadows lurk hidden in the mist, attacking and killing travelers without the slightest sound.

79 - Raven-Coast: Immense swarms of the dark feathered birds, regular ones as well as magical ones, live on the foggy coast. Many areans bring their dead family-members here to be devoured by the birds to make it impossible for them to come back undead.

80 - Zephar: The giant sulfur-lakes and boiling springs originally come from the volcanoes in Ashenfield. This hot hell is home to imps, devils and other creatures that love the acid banks and continuously shifting and changing sulfur-lakes and boiling springs.

81 - Ashenfield: A hot and volcanic area that casts giant black clouds over the land. It is responsible for the darkened sky over most parts of Ares' territory.

82 - Mare: One of the darkest areas of Ares. Since many ashen clouds come through the valeys, being captured between the high mountians, it is pitch-black here even during midday. The caves give a perfect home to many dark creatures.

83 - Rifya: On the edge to Ganbaata Tundra, a giant ice-palace is located which serves the Dark God and his servants as second residence...

84 - Bordas: Giant cliffs that lead deep down into the earth. A paradise for winged demons.

85 - Ashen Gorge: This rocky gorge is named the Ashen Gorge after its tendency to spontaneously burst into flames and leave the rock either side of it a dark grey colour.

86 – Ganbaata Tundra: The climate in this half-island is always cold. Hardly any plants manage to grow between the rocks but the region is rich of raw material for weapons so many smiths can be found here. Due to its huge coast it is an important trade center and a part of the Arean fleet is stationed there.

87 – Shanice: An Island below the Mainland of Ares. The ice covering this island never melts which makes agriculture impossible. The inhabitants are mainly fishermen and merchants.

88 - Kriva-Harbor: A great amount of ships from the arean fleet take position here. Thus the city earns most of their money with the soldiers stationed here.

:bulletblue: 89 - Necropolis: Capital of Ares and the place where Deamond's castle is located. The cool climate here and the darkened skies from Ashenfield's volcanic clouds make this place a paradise for any undead or darkness-loving beings. The high towers of the fortress like city can be seen almost all over Ares on clear days. The city is under a god's protection → It can't be taken over.

90 - Dilvera: A very important trading-route as it connects Necropolis to the central sea of Zion.

91 - Orseon: A quite forest that -even though being so close to Ares' mainland- reminds of the elven forests close to Fahlenwood.

92 - Hellpool-Road: The mountain-range divides Ares. Some prefer crossing the dangerous mountains while others prefer paying to use the tunnels formed by earth-demons and -creatures that live below Hellpool-Road.

93 - Tara-swamps: The wet and muddy area is very hard to pass through especially as large army. Many graveyards can be found here.

94 - Blackhearth: A chillingly quiet area, it's majority is covered in old twisting trees and darkly shaded grasses.

95 - Mibera-Graves: Numerous towns of varying sizes can be seen in this rotten and dry area. Their architecture grand, sweeping, and dusty. This was where Ares' more refined undead and demons came to live when they wanted to escape city life and be left alone for as many eons as they like. In general, the air was rather still and the streets rather empty. Occasionally though, one might see a dim light flicker to life through one of the gilded windows.

96 - Yayuga: The Order of Dark Arts is located here, thus there are many schools for dark magic all around the shore.

97 - Daviha-Mines: The main-mining-area of Ares. Below the icy ground many minerals and metals can be found.

98 - Killua's Abyss: A dark place where sunlight never reaches. It is made up of a labyrynth of tunnels and caves and has also been called the Dead End Maze. The dark-elf kingdom is said to lie hidden in these caves.

99 - Ehara: The land itself appears dead and dry as only a small harbor can be found at the shore, but beneath the land's surface, a wide system of tunnels and mines that give home to dark creatures of all sorts.

100 – Lumes-Grove: Black woods that appear dark and deadly during day, but as soon as the moon shines, the plants begin glowing in a soft blue color, illuminating the area in an ethereal light.

101 - Mudland of Ashia: Once said to have been the homeland of a tribe named Ashia, this land is considered haunted. Its' muddy ground sucks in any who try to cross it. There are no inhabitants left.

102 - Pravera-Shore: The many cliffs make it about impossible for ships to lie anchor here. Guard-towers to watch far over the sea are built here though to prevent fleets to pass unseen.

103 - Cimmerian Jungle: Heated by underground hot springs, a strange and deadly array of plant and animal life have sprung up in this steamy area. Only the most skilled and powerful dare venture here. Wether it's the large sharp fangs of some ferocious beast or the deceptive, waxy leaves of one of many carnivorous plants, you are never safe.

104 - Shaunna: The dense forest keeps the sunlight away from the ground and the vampires that often build their mansions hidden between the dark trees..

105 - Svea-Grounds: A giant wall, built to defend Ares from caelian intruders lies on the edge to Hell's gate. The towns behind the walls security serve only one purpose: Supporting the arean army in defending their land.

:bulletblack: 106 - : Hell's Gate: Formerly known as Breva Archipelago. A collection of islands that lies right between Ares' and Caelius' sovereign territory. The very shallow waters make it possible to walk from one side to the other. Rumors say the slightly red color of the sand comes from the endless fights that have taken place in this strategically very important region. Great parts of the archipelago are now covered by spikes, making it almost impossible to get from one side to the other by foot.

107 - Falken-Harbor: Important for both: Defense and offense against Ares on the everlasting battle in Hell's Gate, Falken-Harbor has almost only freshly built houses as it often gets attacked by the arean fleet.

108 - Valhalla-Grounds: A giant wall, built to defend Caelius from arean intruders lies on the edge to Hell's gate. The towns behind the walls security serve only one purpose: Supporting the caelian army in defending their land.

109 - Zephir-Road: A rich area with trading-stations and small harbor-towns. It plays a key-role in bringing supplies to the armies at Hell's Gate.

110 - Jral-Islands: The islands were under Ares' control for a long time during the War of the Gods but just before the factions were sealed into the sun and the moon, Caelius had recaptured the islands. Today they are home to many demon-angelic crossbreeds.
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